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Month: May, 2012

No, I do not have a problem with gay people..

Ok all..
Here’s the deal. It has been brought to my attention that some people think that I have an issue with gay people because I made the post about lesbian couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children..

Listen up I’m only going to say this once.

It was a joke.
I take the news and turn it in to satire.
Jesus Christ I can’t believe I’m having to explain myself.

I do not have a problem with gay people, I believe that there are good, productive people out there that happen to be gay.
I don’t care.
At all.

I do have a problem with queens.. The snap your finger flagrant annoying uber gay people that do not do anything productive and scream about gay equality..
They annoy the shit out of me.

Now you know.

Doctor Out

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Zombie Apocalypse part 3..

Hey all,
OK so what is going on with the world?
A man has now killed his roommate then dismembered him and proceeded to eat his heart and brain.

Look guys either humanity has declined to the point of people having zombie like tendencies or fast food places raising prices has caused people to find new things to eat..

Click here for the skinny low calorie diet version of the story..

Doctor Out

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How facebooks timeline is like genital herpes..

Hey all.
I am still laughing after watching this.. You have got to read this article and then watch the video..

Click it here..
To read the story..

Doctor Out

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Lonely woman masturbated publicly on Highway

Hey all..
How do you get arrested?
By masterbating on the side of the highway.

Not only was this drunk woman stopping traffic she was cheered on by honking cars.

She was eventually arrested and continued to offer her vaginal theme park to any and all takers..

Full nasty story here.

Doctor Out

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Android ice cream sandwich updates..

Hey all
I found this update about when certain android devices are getting the ice cream sandwich updates..

Check it out here.

Doctor Out

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Odd Zombie Apocalypse behavior part 2

Ok everybody this is becoming a huge fad evidently..

Here’s the skinny..
Cops walk into a house and there is a man in the corner with a knife.. They tell him to put it down.

He doesn’t, instead he begins to stab himself.. He cuts open his stomach and starts cutting out his intestines and begins throwing pieces of them at the cops.

The cops realizing he may be a zombie pepper spray him to no avail.
All the while he continues pulling his guts out, cutting pieces off and chucking them at the cops.

The cops now know he is a zombie and leave, calling in swat, since swat has zombie training.

Swat takes the man down..
Read full story here.

Doctor Out

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Is it better to be pissed off, or pissed on?

Hey guys,

So you are sitting around the house and your roommate has a guy over and he gets drunk. Next thing you know your sitting on the toilet and he barges in on you.

Since you won’t move he pretends your the toilet and proceeds to piss all over you and himself..

You know some people are fucking gross. If you can’t control your ignorant hillbilly ass while your drunk don’t drink stupid.

I hate stupid people..
Read the whole story


Doctor Out

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Issac’s viral lip dub proposal wow..

Hey all…
How cool is this..
Issac Lamb had over 60 of his friends and family help him propose to his lady by all lip synching to Bruno Mars’ song “marry you”

You can not beat how amazingly cool this is until you watch it..

Just click here to be overwhelmed by amazingness..

Congrats to the newly engaged.

Doctor Out

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Cows prefer Bud light to Miller light..

Hey all.

Evidently a group of cows decided to have a memorial day kegger of their own.

A group of people were partying in their backyard when a herd of escaped cows crashed the party and chased them off and preceded to drink all the beer.

Law enforcement officers did a count and deduced that cows prefer Bud light to Miller light.

Read the full story here..

Happy Memorial Day
Doctor Out

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Bill Murray is an example of how famous people should be… Pay attention!

Hey all
I’ve noticed a trend..
Famous people, movie stars, celebrities, famous YouTubers.. Alot of them are very unkind to fans or at least don’t always appear friendly to fans and whatnot..

Famous people take note!
Learn by the example of the legendary Bill Murray.

A fan of his asked for an autograph then decided to ask if Mr Murray would instead star in a fake movie trailer he was filming.

Did Bill Murray ignore him or act to good for this? Hell no!

He happily starred in it.

Way to go Bill Murray you are the definition of awesomeness sir.

You famous people stop acting like your to good for your fans. Don’t forget where you would be without your fans..

Just saying..
Read the full story here!

Doctor Out

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