In memory of Glenn Beck’s father..

What is it about some people, I just don’t understand.. I mean generally speaking we all have a father or father figure that we love, admire, look up to etc.. And if we lost that person it would damage us sincerely. 
Even knowing that we would see them again in heaven (for people of faith) or people who can say goodbye in their own way this would be difficult for anyone. 

For someone in the public eye who loses their father most people pray for them or make a kind gesture, right? 

I mean when a famous person dies a horrific death by accident or drug overdose then the whole world sends well wishes, right? 

So explain to me the one jack ass on Facebook that comments “One down, one to go..” 

Seriously? Why would you even make that statement of someone at their lowest point? Why would you be that emotionally destructive? 

This world is going to hell in a hand basket especially in the political arena, and here is a man trying to tell the truth to a world that spends every moment blind to the situation, or hoodwinked by the agenda of Resident Obama and still Glenn Beck holds true to his morals and stands up to the Giants in Washington DC. 

Regardless of your beliefs Glenn Beck doesn’t judge you, or look at the color of your skin, or sexual orientation and he is in a painful situation that we all can understand, right? 

So why bash him in this instance? Human nature would dictate that we be there for one another in the times of need, right? 

Or am I wrong? 

Woe is the person who makes despicable statements because sir you truly are lost.. You need to find the truth, and the true path of humanity and human nature and what is Right. 

Regardless of your political standings or beliefs.. 

R.I.P to the father of Glenn Beck, much respect and prayers for you and your family. 

God bless you for being you and for taking the hard road.