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One entry from our Holiday Giveaway..

Hey gang just wanted to share one entry from our Holiday Giveaway.. Time is running out..


Awesome Holiday Giveaway from!

Hey gang
Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome and you haven’t been trampled during the Black Friday Shopping Bull Shit..

Now that you are full of turkey and pie I’m here to give you a real dessert.. Free.

I told you all that I was revamping and I wasn’t joking. For starters in a day or two I will be doing a review of both Aaron Fisher’s Search and Destroy and Lee Asher’s Witness.

Both of these are brilliant tricks from two masters of the magic craft.

That should whet your whistles but while you’re waiting for those I’m going to play Santa and give away some magic!

You guys have about a week or so to get this done.. In fact I will give you until Saturday November 30th..

What do you have to do?
It’s Easy!
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Klout, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest then just comment on our posts and send me an email.

For full details watch the video all about our Holiday Giveaway HERE!

So get off your Turkey Stuffed Asses and get it done! Videos preferred for the record but as long as you follow the guidelines everyone gets a chance at winning the 45 dollar gift.

I’m only giving away 1 gift, and I will be picking a winner November 30th!

Doctor Out!

We are back! New and improved video for you guys!

Hey gang
We are back, revamped and better than ever before!

Watch this new video here to get all the news about what is coming.

You don’t want to miss this!

Let me know what you think after watching!

Doctor Out

Thanks gang!

Hey gang,
Hope you are all well.

We have some really great stuff coming up, I don’t want you guys to miss a single thing. So scroll down to the bottom of the Page, enter your email address and hit send.

That way you will get an email every time we post something new here.

Also don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

I want to sincerely thank you all for checking out Imangryatnews but don’t just look around without getting in on the action so be sure to comment the hell out of us.

We love hearing from you and we want you to act like we are a cheap prostitute and pass us around to everyone you know.

Don’t forget to get in on our first ever contest for your chance to win some one of a kind prizes.

Much love and keep your eyes peeled..

Doctor Out

Contest, contest, contest of Cool..!

Hey gang,
Couple of things to share then something amazing.. If you guys are interested..

Okay first off one of the two interviews is in the bag. This is no bull shit, I have in my hands the finished interview with a truly famous Comedy genius. He was on HBO. I’m hoping the second interview with the other famous comedy genius will be in soon.

As it stands I will be posting the first interview sometime tomorrow, so keep your eyes open Monday for this Exclusive!

Next on the agenda, what do you think about the movie reviews? I have found that I really enjoy doing them, not to mention I’m completely a movie geek so I dig sharing my thoughts with you.

Also send me your requests either by email or by commenting. I will happily review any movie you want to know about.

Ok now for the big news. is doing a one of a kind contest just for you all.


It’s real simple, to be entered in it all you have to do is pass me around like cheap prostitute.

That’s right all I want is for everyone to be active. So to be entered to win this kick ass one of a kind contest all you have to do is like, comment, subscribe and follow us.

On twitter, on YouTube, and on here. Once 125 real comments and subscriptions and likes have rolled through here I will pick someone at random to be the winner.

What’s the prize you ask?

I’m going to draw or paint something awesome and send it to you free. I’m not talking about cheap shit. I’m talking about a one of a kind piece of artwork that no one else has.

So start taking part in this blog, and our videos, and our tweets. Let me know what you think of this blog. I know we have alot of readers now it’s time to participate to get something awesome.

Depending on how many people truly start participating we might actually choose 2 winners because I have two really stunning ideas for the artwork.

There you go, that’s the news, feel free to go back to your regularly scheduled programing.

Doctor Out