Zombie Apocalypse based theme park? Hell yeah and it would bring back jobs to Detroit! Win, Win

Hey gang,
I saw this and had to share..

We all know Zombie Apocalypse is a huge deal these days, even if you are not a fan (watch Shaun of the dead and you will be)


Also something very well known is that Detroit, Michigan the birthplace of car building factories has been in decline since all the factories moved off.

That is alot of people without jobs.

How do you make it a win, win situation for everyone?

You build a kick ass Zombie Apocalypse based theme park in Detroit. Think the movie Zombieland starring you!

Honestly that is just brilliant. New jobs, new revenue, new commerce and Zombie killing fun to boot!

What do you guys think? Let me know down below and read the full story here..

Doctor Out