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Month: June, 2012

Expert Tutorial A step by step guide to getting unlimited traffic to your YouTube videos.

Hey all
I just posted a great new video.
If your tired of trying to get traffic to your YouTube channel then put on your galoshes and watch this video, cause you will start a limitless flood of traffic beating down your door!

So give it a look and let me know what you think down below..

Be sure to watch till the end because there is a free gift just for you..

To see this amazing tutorial click here.

Doctor Out


Enjoying your new Facebook email that fb changed you to in your profile? Here’s how to fix it.

Hey all
So is everyone enjoying the new email account that the wonderful morons at Facebook changed you to in your profile?


You weren’t aware of your email address changing to one they made for you?


You want to actually get your emails? Are you sure?

Don’t you like Facebook changing your profile without asking?

Ok let’s change it back shall we?
Instructions here..

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Five signs that Apple is a cult..

Ok all
I have been saying this for years and no one wants to hear just how messed up Apple makes its employees.

If Apple treats its employees like this, what do they really think about you as a consumer?

Deeply disturbing and very scientologyish in its inhumane treatment of its employees it may be time to call it like it is..

And before you think I’m blowing smoke up your ass check out what’s really going on behind the secret society known as Apple..

Full creepy details here.

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Mourning mom billed for street clean up after son killed by drunk driver..

Hey all
I have missed you guys but I’m back and as good as I can be..
As I slide down the bat pole to the bat cave i am disappointed by this story..

Here’s the skinny..
A woman’s son is killed by a drunk driver, side note is the drunk driver was an illegal alien who has lived here for 12 years and never got a drivers license. Hmm I think that may bring up all sorts of issues about punishment..

Anyway so this woman’s son is killed in an accident, it’s proven that he was not at fault, at all. The drunk driving alien is arrested and found guilty and all is right with the world. Right?


The mother of the man who was killed has been billed by the city for cleaning her sons blood off the road.

Go ahead read that again, I’ll wait..

How the fuck can you bill someone 50 dollars for her son being killed? He wasn’t at fault!

Why didn’t they add that charge in with the drunk driving aliens bill? Doesn’t that make more sense?
I mean sitting in jail awaiting trial pays like 50 cents a day right? So why didn’t she foot the bill?

Hell, they should have put her out there in shackles cleaning her victims blood off the road with a toothbrush if you ask me.

It’s time to wake up and find better ways to stop the epidemic of driving drunk.

Maybe the auto makers should start putting the breathalyser standard in vehicles and if your drunk the car won’t start. Makes more sense then a moon roof.

Read the whole story with video here.

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Test post

Test post

The Comic Book Shop's Blog

**Send your support directly to Sam: Sam Sommer, E571,  Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin,  P.O. Box 1997,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1997**

We’d like to introduce you to Sam. We’ve never met Sam, but he is our hero.

     Sam is six years old, loves turtles, hates mint, and has recently been diagnosed with cancer: Actue meyloid lukemia.  He and his family have a long, tough fight ahead as they face weeks at the hospital, pain from cancer, pain from treatment, and physical and emotional exhaustion.  His family has set up a blog, Superman Sam,  to report on his progress and share his adventures with his nurses and new friends in the Hematology/Oncology/Transplant ward.

As a story lover and six year-old boy, Sam loves superheroes. As a six year-old, Sam doesn’t yet grasp the enormity of the world or the healing power we all have and can share with each other. Sam’s…

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Rock of ages?

I thought I might try this movie out but now I don’t think so.. Anyone else seen it? Opinions?

Splatter: on FILM

I’ll never listen to Journey the same way again.
Call this film a cautionary tale.

Perhaps the message was: never move to L.A. You’ll end up a stripper, or a member of a boy band, or a filthy politician, or in love with a rock god, or worse…you’ll become the rock god and never find real love.

Cautions all. Here’s another one: Caution: don’t see this movie. Never before have I yelled mid-film,  “This is the worst movie I have ever seen!” And I’ve seen some bad’uns.
ImageFirst, it’s a musical. Hairspray and Mama Mia meet Spinal Tap minus Christopher Guest. Someone should have let this all star cast in on the inside joke before they took it too seriously.


Some, like C.Z.Jones played it camp, like a native of the theater would. She was awful. I’m so embarrassed for her. Her redemption? Possibly only the presence of Bryan Cranston…

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WATCH: Did Easter Island’s Famous Statues ‘Walk’?

Awesome article here, not to be missed.. Tell me what you guys think..


How did the ancient monumental statues known as moai reach their final resting place on Polynesia’s Easter Island? Locals say that according to legend, the monolithic statues walked there and researchers now claim that story might be true — to a certain extent.

Archaeologist Carl Lipo of California State University at Long Beach and Hawaii anthropologist Terry Hunt say that ancient Polynesians might have used ropes and manpower to “walk” the massive figures from the quarry to constructed platforms, reports National Geographic magazine. Last year, Hunt and Lipo demonstrated that, with three strong ropes and some practice, as few as 18 people could easily move a 10-ft., 5-ton moai replica a few hundred yards. (Walking the actual statues, which weigh an average of 14 tons, would have been a bit trickier, but the concept is essentially the same.)

Although the experiment doesn’t conclusively solve the mystery of how the…

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Late-Night Laughs: The 5 Best Comedy Clips of the Week

Laugh till you cry..

Laugh till you cry..

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