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Awesome Holiday Giveaway from!

Hey gang
Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome and you haven’t been trampled during the Black Friday Shopping Bull Shit..

Now that you are full of turkey and pie I’m here to give you a real dessert.. Free.

I told you all that I was revamping and I wasn’t joking. For starters in a day or two I will be doing a review of both Aaron Fisher’s Search and Destroy and Lee Asher’s Witness.

Both of these are brilliant tricks from two masters of the magic craft.

That should whet your whistles but while you’re waiting for those I’m going to play Santa and give away some magic!

You guys have about a week or so to get this done.. In fact I will give you until Saturday November 30th..

What do you have to do?
It’s Easy!
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Klout, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest then just comment on our posts and send me an email.

For full details watch the video all about our Holiday Giveaway HERE!

So get off your Turkey Stuffed Asses and get it done! Videos preferred for the record but as long as you follow the guidelines everyone gets a chance at winning the 45 dollar gift.

I’m only giving away 1 gift, and I will be picking a winner November 30th!

Doctor Out!


We are back! New and improved video for you guys!

Hey gang
We are back, revamped and better than ever before!

Watch this new video here to get all the news about what is coming.

You don’t want to miss this!

Let me know what you think after watching!

Doctor Out

Fifty shades of bad Scientology Porn and other bestselling updates video is live!

Hey gang,
Just a quick note to say that our new video “fifty shades of bad Scientology Porn and other bestselling updates” is live.

Check it out here.

Starting today our plans are to post a new video every 2 days or more often.

Let us know what you think about it..

Doctor Out

Do you want free stuff?

Hey gang,
Do you like free stuff?

If not go look at something else here on Imangryatnews.

However if you do…

Are you an influence to others?
A social media genius?

Want to find out for sure?
Hell yeah you do, we all love to brag about ourselves a little.
As always I’m here to help.

Click here, sign up. (It’s free!)
When I say free I mean real free, not bull shit free.
This costs nothing.
You find out your real influence on the Web.

Even better they also give you free stuff.
So hmm let’s see, free to do.. Free stuff just for joining..

Did I say free!

Why would you not do it?
Your friend’s are already there signing up…

Click here for free..

Doctor Out