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One entry from our Holiday Giveaway..

Hey gang just wanted to share one entry from our Holiday Giveaway.. Time is running out..


Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher

Hey gang,
How are you all?
Has the turkey worn off yet?
I am still craving turkey lol..

So lets start things off very simply..
This is for all the magic people out there..
Everyone else can continue to read I am not giving away any secrets.

How many magic dvds have you seen? How many tricks have you purchased that included a dvd?
I am guessing quite a few depending on how long you have been into magic.

I have been doing magic for maybe 27 or 28 years and I have seen a lot.
Here is the dirty little secret..

There is a whole lot of bull shit out there.

The trick may be brilliant in its execution but the dvd is piss poor quality or the “magician” has horrible teaching or presentation skills.

I have bought magic tricks recently from top magic websites and the dvd teaching the trick is 10 minutes long with 7 of those being demonstration with real people.

So here is my question.
Why are your tricks so expensive when the quality is like an instant download?

Something to think about.

Okay on to the review…

If you are tired of getting low quality for high cost then my advice is RUN, don’t walk over to and order Search and Destroy.

It’s that simple.

This dvd by Aaron Fisher is an hour and a half of pure genius. That’s right I said 90 minutes.

It has no filler, it’s just 100% teaching.

Aaron goes into every single nuance and covers every single step you need to know to not only perfect and perform this awesome trick, but he also shows you how to make any and all your performances of any trick better.

He covers stance, card handling, practice, control, timing, misdirection just to name a few things. He packs years of experience into this dvd and he does it with absolute grace and…

No ego.

He even teaches something many magicians forget and that is how to make the spectator not only feel at ease but enjoy taking part in the effect.

You make them the magician and with his instructions it is effortless and fun for everyone involved.

Sounds great right?

There is more, much more…

That alone would be worth what you paid for this dvd but Aaron Fisher decided to add more.

What did he add you ask?

He then proceeds to teach you how to perform the Nowhere Pass which is his version of the Bluff Pass.

Widely considered a technique only for experts, Aaron Fisher has dissected and improved upon this so that anyone can not only master it but use it.

Regardless if you are a brand new card magician or a seasoned professional this dvd, which brings two of the marquee items from Aaron Fisher’s book The Paper Engine into high quality video, should be on the top of your list of necessary items for every magician.

The dvd stars Aaron Fisher of course and the music is by Dana Hocking. The director is none other than Wayne Houchin.

Wayne Houchin is not only one of the greatest creative minds in magic today but also a great teacher and just as brilliant behind the camera.

There are also two actual performances of Aaron performing Search and Destroy for real people, not people paid to act astonished like the way a certain Las Vegas Casino “magician” gets fans.

This dvd is top of the line, high quality, easy to understand, and super cheap for all you get.

So if you can’t wait for Santa to bring you this dvd click here to go order it yourself.
You won’t be disappointed.

Doctor Out

Watch “Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends” on YouTube

Awesome Holiday Giveaway from!

Hey gang
Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome and you haven’t been trampled during the Black Friday Shopping Bull Shit..

Now that you are full of turkey and pie I’m here to give you a real dessert.. Free.

I told you all that I was revamping and I wasn’t joking. For starters in a day or two I will be doing a review of both Aaron Fisher’s Search and Destroy and Lee Asher’s Witness.

Both of these are brilliant tricks from two masters of the magic craft.

That should whet your whistles but while you’re waiting for those I’m going to play Santa and give away some magic!

You guys have about a week or so to get this done.. In fact I will give you until Saturday November 30th..

What do you have to do?
It’s Easy!
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Klout, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest then just comment on our posts and send me an email.

For full details watch the video all about our Holiday Giveaway HERE!

So get off your Turkey Stuffed Asses and get it done! Videos preferred for the record but as long as you follow the guidelines everyone gets a chance at winning the 45 dollar gift.

I’m only giving away 1 gift, and I will be picking a winner November 30th!

Doctor Out!

We are back! New and improved video for you guys!

Hey gang
We are back, revamped and better than ever before!

Watch this new video here to get all the news about what is coming.

You don’t want to miss this!

Let me know what you think after watching!

Doctor Out

Every time I try to choke my chicken gays and lesbians protest..

Hey gang,
Yes it’s been awhile and for that I’m sincerely sorry. Between my body and my medicine I have not been doing so well..

However, I am back with a vengeance.

Ok first off if I piss anyone off I’m not sorry. Today I’m seriously angry.

Right out of the gate I need to set some things straight and before anyone jumps to any conclusion read the whole damn post.

First off I am a Christian. Period. I don’t care who knows it.

Secondly I think that most people that hate on Christians and Christianity have only met the holy I’m better than you judgment swinging better than everyone full of shit wannabe “Christians”

Because of this they turn around and do exactly the same thing and judge everyone that says the word Christian as an asshole hypocritical piece of shit.

I think that makes everything clouded over and impossible to understand.

That being said the truth of the matter for Christians and Atheists and Gays and Lesbians alike is this…
God loves you.

Hmm simple right?

The fact is God had two laws once He died and rose again. Yes I said 2. All the Jewish laws and 10 commandments and all of it means nothing because all He said on the subject of Christianity once He rose again was..

Love me, and love one another like I love you.


That’s it.

He didn’t say love everyone except the gay and lesbians, or everyone unless you don’t agree.. He spoke about unconditional Love for every single person on the planet.

So if you say he said anything else your a damn liar. If you leave anyone out, your a liar.

If you treat everyone with love then the 10 commandments just fall into play. If you love everyone you don’t want to lie, kill, judge, hurt, harm… See the pattern here?

That’s the real deal. If your hating Christians or Christianity because of something then your upset over the wrong thing. It’s that simple.

You just thought it was one thing because of judgmental assholes who were wrong to begin with.

God’s message, His only message was and is Love. If you have been taught something else, your wrong, your church is wrong, your pastors are wrong.

If you don’t believe me try reading the Bible for yourself, stop spreading the wrong message.

Thirdly I’m saying this right now for the entire world to see..
The fact is some people are gay.

You have no right to hate or judge them.


You can’t change them, nor is it your right to try.
God loves them, God loves every single person in the world.
Who the fuck are you to say you know better than Him?

Even if you do not agree with gays and lesbians personally you are supposed to love them.


God does and He doesn’t love them and try to change them, nor judge them, nor tell them they are sinners going to hell..

He just loves them completely the exact same way He loves you unconditionally.

Lastly I want to say something to the gay and lesbian community..
It seems to me that you are looking for fairness and equality. It seems to me you want to be taken seriously.

It is my understanding that you want your opinions and rights respected. You are completely clear about this.

You want people to respect your ideals and opinions and goals.

You want to be taken seriously, you want understanding.

You most of all want your rights and personal opinions to be heard, understood, and respected.

I understand and I only have 2 questions for you.

There is a huge ordeal right now against the restaurant Chick-Fil-A, It’s all over the news. You are boycotting the shit out of it and want them taken off of college campuses all over the United States.


Because the owner has different beliefs than you.
He has chosen to support opposite sex marriage and not same sex marriage.

He is standing on his personal beliefs, his opinion, his right.

It is a business he created and he has the right to have his opinion and do what he thinks is right.

So you are boycotting this business, this man for doing the exact same thing you are doing…

Why exactly is it ok for you to stand up for what you believe in but he can’t?
If you disagree then don’t eat in that restaurant.

It’s that simple.
But why ask for his head on a platter for doing what he believes in..?

Just saying..

Final thought..
I see that one of the brilliant protests being done to Chick-fil-a is called “Same sex kiss at the counter day”

Are you fucking serious?

That is not only utterly juvenile it will have no effect other than to make you look juvenile and petty..

Why not focus your attention on Congress and political parties..

Your goal is to get rights.. Right?

I don’t see how the employees in a restaurant that are just trying to survive in our fucked off economy can help you do that by watching you make out.

That whole line of thinking will get you no where and quite honestly it might even set your cause back a notch or two..


No reason, I just thought you said you wanted to be taken seriously..

Doctor Out

Airline making Fifty Shades of Grey available in audio format for passenger’s..

Hey gang,
Hope you had a great weekend.

Sooo Virgin Atlantic has decided to help all the naughty nymphs flying with them listen to fifty shades of grey without all the embarrassing questions and stares.

The audio book version is over 19 hours long so get ready to book several flights if you want to hear it in its entirety.

I have one very important question..

Are they giving blankets for self pleasuring privacy, moist towels for clean up, headphones for everyone else so they don’t hear the orgasmic moans, and covering the seats to protect them from wetness?

I mean this is important.

Don’t you think?

Comments? Full story here.

Doctor Out

New video is live!

Hey gang,
New video just posted!
That’s right 2 in 2 days.

This is a fun one you don’t want to miss!

Watch it here.

Doctor Out

Fred Willard caught wet handed in a sticky hands on situation.

Hey gang,
So quick question, what do you do in an adult movie theater watching porn?

If your Fred Willard evidently you drop your pants and enjoy your penis along with the quality movie.

So like Pee Wee before him Fred has found himself in an awkward sticky situation that not only embarrassed the shit out of him, it cost him his job.

Maybe he was doing research for his next movie ironically called “The Yank”.. And Boy did he..

I feel bad for him I suppose but I blame this on the public. I mean with pornocrapic books like Fifty shades of grey being called bestsellers, and I dare say an adult theater showing porn..

It seems like he was set up to fail.

What do you think? Full story here.

Doctor Out

Fifty shades of bad Scientology Porn and other bestselling updates video is live!

Hey gang,
Just a quick note to say that our new video “fifty shades of bad Scientology Porn and other bestselling updates” is live.

Check it out here.

Starting today our plans are to post a new video every 2 days or more often.

Let us know what you think about it..

Doctor Out