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Every time I try to choke my chicken gays and lesbians protest..

Hey gang,
Yes it’s been awhile and for that I’m sincerely sorry. Between my body and my medicine I have not been doing so well..

However, I am back with a vengeance.

Ok first off if I piss anyone off I’m not sorry. Today I’m seriously angry.

Right out of the gate I need to set some things straight and before anyone jumps to any conclusion read the whole damn post.

First off I am a Christian. Period. I don’t care who knows it.

Secondly I think that most people that hate on Christians and Christianity have only met the holy I’m better than you judgment swinging better than everyone full of shit wannabe “Christians”

Because of this they turn around and do exactly the same thing and judge everyone that says the word Christian as an asshole hypocritical piece of shit.

I think that makes everything clouded over and impossible to understand.

That being said the truth of the matter for Christians and Atheists and Gays and Lesbians alike is this…
God loves you.

Hmm simple right?

The fact is God had two laws once He died and rose again. Yes I said 2. All the Jewish laws and 10 commandments and all of it means nothing because all He said on the subject of Christianity once He rose again was..

Love me, and love one another like I love you.


That’s it.

He didn’t say love everyone except the gay and lesbians, or everyone unless you don’t agree.. He spoke about unconditional Love for every single person on the planet.

So if you say he said anything else your a damn liar. If you leave anyone out, your a liar.

If you treat everyone with love then the 10 commandments just fall into play. If you love everyone you don’t want to lie, kill, judge, hurt, harm… See the pattern here?

That’s the real deal. If your hating Christians or Christianity because of something then your upset over the wrong thing. It’s that simple.

You just thought it was one thing because of judgmental assholes who were wrong to begin with.

God’s message, His only message was and is Love. If you have been taught something else, your wrong, your church is wrong, your pastors are wrong.

If you don’t believe me try reading the Bible for yourself, stop spreading the wrong message.

Thirdly I’m saying this right now for the entire world to see..
The fact is some people are gay.

You have no right to hate or judge them.


You can’t change them, nor is it your right to try.
God loves them, God loves every single person in the world.
Who the fuck are you to say you know better than Him?

Even if you do not agree with gays and lesbians personally you are supposed to love them.


God does and He doesn’t love them and try to change them, nor judge them, nor tell them they are sinners going to hell..

He just loves them completely the exact same way He loves you unconditionally.

Lastly I want to say something to the gay and lesbian community..
It seems to me that you are looking for fairness and equality. It seems to me you want to be taken seriously.

It is my understanding that you want your opinions and rights respected. You are completely clear about this.

You want people to respect your ideals and opinions and goals.

You want to be taken seriously, you want understanding.

You most of all want your rights and personal opinions to be heard, understood, and respected.

I understand and I only have 2 questions for you.

There is a huge ordeal right now against the restaurant Chick-Fil-A, It’s all over the news. You are boycotting the shit out of it and want them taken off of college campuses all over the United States.


Because the owner has different beliefs than you.
He has chosen to support opposite sex marriage and not same sex marriage.

He is standing on his personal beliefs, his opinion, his right.

It is a business he created and he has the right to have his opinion and do what he thinks is right.

So you are boycotting this business, this man for doing the exact same thing you are doing…

Why exactly is it ok for you to stand up for what you believe in but he can’t?
If you disagree then don’t eat in that restaurant.

It’s that simple.
But why ask for his head on a platter for doing what he believes in..?

Just saying..

Final thought..
I see that one of the brilliant protests being done to Chick-fil-a is called “Same sex kiss at the counter day”

Are you fucking serious?

That is not only utterly juvenile it will have no effect other than to make you look juvenile and petty..

Why not focus your attention on Congress and political parties..

Your goal is to get rights.. Right?

I don’t see how the employees in a restaurant that are just trying to survive in our fucked off economy can help you do that by watching you make out.

That whole line of thinking will get you no where and quite honestly it might even set your cause back a notch or two..


No reason, I just thought you said you wanted to be taken seriously..

Doctor Out


Airline making Fifty Shades of Grey available in audio format for passenger’s..

Hey gang,
Hope you had a great weekend.

Sooo Virgin Atlantic has decided to help all the naughty nymphs flying with them listen to fifty shades of grey without all the embarrassing questions and stares.

The audio book version is over 19 hours long so get ready to book several flights if you want to hear it in its entirety.

I have one very important question..

Are they giving blankets for self pleasuring privacy, moist towels for clean up, headphones for everyone else so they don’t hear the orgasmic moans, and covering the seats to protect them from wetness?

I mean this is important.

Don’t you think?

Comments? Full story here.

Doctor Out

New video is live!

Hey gang,
New video just posted!
That’s right 2 in 2 days.

This is a fun one you don’t want to miss!

Watch it here.

Doctor Out

Fred Willard caught wet handed in a sticky hands on situation.

Hey gang,
So quick question, what do you do in an adult movie theater watching porn?

If your Fred Willard evidently you drop your pants and enjoy your penis along with the quality movie.

So like Pee Wee before him Fred has found himself in an awkward sticky situation that not only embarrassed the shit out of him, it cost him his job.

Maybe he was doing research for his next movie ironically called “The Yank”.. And Boy did he..

I feel bad for him I suppose but I blame this on the public. I mean with pornocrapic books like Fifty shades of grey being called bestsellers, and I dare say an adult theater showing porn..

It seems like he was set up to fail.

What do you think? Full story here.

Doctor Out

Fifty shades of bad Scientology Porn and other bestselling updates video is live!

Hey gang,
Just a quick note to say that our new video “fifty shades of bad Scientology Porn and other bestselling updates” is live.

Check it out here.

Starting today our plans are to post a new video every 2 days or more often.

Let us know what you think about it..

Doctor Out

Adding smut to classic literature is wrong.. (Sherlock Holmes and Watson were not lovers.)

Hey gang,
I’m not feeling well, nor have I been feeling very well the last couple of days so please be patient. I have not forgotten you guy’s.

I’m so angry about this as I think everyone should be.

Classic works of fiction like Pride and Prejudice, and Sherlock Holmes, are amazing just the way they are.

The stories well written and at times sensual without adding sex to it. It’s called using your damn imagination which is something that we seem to have forgotten..

I have told you guys already what I think of Fifty shades of grey but now a company is trying to ride the supposed bestsellers coattails and taking great classic works and adding lots of sex.

Not only that in one case they are completely changing the sexual orientation of the two main characters just to appeal to gay readers. This I find most appalling because it’s wrong.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson were friends, roommates and yes very close but they were not Gay.

Fucking assholes.


That is what this is.

Fuck fifty shades of grey.

Read the full story here.

Doctor Out

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Hey gang,
Do you like free stuff?

If not go look at something else here on Imangryatnews.

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Exclusive Interview with a Podcasting Genius is Live!!

Hey Gang!

It Is Time.

As always I find the most exclusive interviews just for you guys, and this time it is no different. We have with us a podcasting genius behind The Last Podcaster Standing, Seven Days A Geek, and Ask an American..

Jason Parsons

So everyone sit down, shut up, and learn something…On with the Questions..

1: Name and Occupation? My name is Jason, though I think most people probably know me as “The Angry Ginger” from the podcasts that I’ve been involved with. I have a 9 to 5 day job, actually 2 of them but I wouldn’t say that those are my occupation. Those more less feed the family and sometimes put money in the bank account…not very long mind you…I am married with 4 kids and 1 on the way!  I try to create or write as much as I can.  I’m working on a graphic novel right now as well as a “How to Book” for podcasters.


    2: How long have you been doing comedy? That’s such an odd question to me.  I don’t know how long I’ve been doing it.  I’ve always enjoyed attempting to make people laugh. Some would say I’m good at it. Others may say things that would make me want to attempt to crawl back into the womb and hide! Perhaps a new one, not sure I want to go back to the original! I think Sigmund Freud just rolled over in his grave on that comment! To answer your question, I guess I’ve been doing it for a few years now.  I mean, I’ve always had a sometimes witty sense of humor I guess, but it’s not like I was sharing it with the world untill recent.  I’ve been doing podcasting now for a few years.  I suppose you could call that doing some type of comedy?


    3: How did you get into comedy? I slid through the back door while Carrot Top was comforting Larry The Cable Guy as he cried on his shoulder! They were having a discussion about that Sarah McLachlan “In the Arms of an Angel” commercial about pets with 1 eye or 3 legs or something…holy hell, now I’m starting to tear up! This is worse than a Barbra Walters interview! I told myself I wouldn’t cry…dammit!


    4: What did you do prior? Well, as a child I trained with some of the best fighters in the world. Ninja, Karate Masters, Circus Clowns ect. You see my family was murdered right in front of me as we walked out of the theater.  We had just seen the “Citizan Kane” of comedy known as “Freddy Got Fingered” and I was at my happiest moment! Then the shots rang out! I knew right then and there as a bat flew over my head that I would become….


    5: If you weren’t doing comedy what would you be doing? I’m not sure that I”m doing comedy yet.  I mean, nobody has sent me a membership card or anything.  I think I have a few thousand hours to log in still. I’ve yet to be yanked off stage by that really long cane they use in cartoons! So I’ve got that going for me. When I’m not doing “comedy”, I’m usually working on a project that’s a bit more serious. Don’t get me wrong…I always try to put funny in everything I do, but I don’t want to be looked at as the guy that can only do mildly funny! I’m a bit bi-polor when it comes to my creative output! I like to pretend I’m a jack of all trades. I could write James Bond as easily as I could write the next Charlie Sheen sitcom. Wait a minute…Charlie Sheen as the next James Bond? I think we’ve got something here people!

    6: What made you go into podcasting? I’ve always been told I have an excellent face for radio! Radio’s always told me I have an excellent voice for watching paint dry! So I did what any Ginger or Non-Ginger for that matter would do in that giving situation. Started a podcast!

No, really what got me into podcasting is Kevin Smith.  I’m a huge fan of his. I think he’s a bit brilliant even though he likes to play the “I”m to fat to fly” card a bit.  He’s got his hands into everything. Maybe some would say he should stick to 1 or 2 things! I say, why?  He just follows his heart. If he wants to write a comic book he does, if he wants to write a movie he does. Granted he’s probably got a few things like money and talent that helps guide him.  So then he started podcasting. I thought I’d give that a listen.  Soon I was hooked! I thought hey this would be fun! As a kid, a friend and I used to record fake radio shows on a tape recorder. I always thought that was pretty fun so I went to the library and found any books I could on podcasting.  Which at the time there wasn’t much. I soon figured out how to do it and I”ve been doing it ever since!

    7: How do you make a Podcast? Making a podcast is fairly easy! Getting people to listen to it…that takes time and patience. All you really need is a computer! As long as you’ve got some recording software and a microphone you can record your shows.  Of course I would say if your serious about it then spend a little bit of money on a mixer and a couple of decent microphones.  That alone really makes a difference.  There are a few podcasting sites you can go to that helps you publish your show out there on the interwebs…of course that costs money.

I mentioned earlier that I”m writing a book on podcasting.  I get asked a lot of questions about podcasting and I love it. I tried to do the same thing when I first started.  At the time it was like pulling teeth with the ones that I could get in contact with. I’m not sure if they thought I’d be trying to steal their audience or what, but I all I could get from them was a “Good Luck with your podcast” now leave me alone little one! So now that I’ve had a few years of experience I thought I’d share that with anyone who may be interested.  I don’t know it all…far from it.  But I know enough to help get people started and put them on the right path! I”m like the Jedi Master of Podcasting!…Maybe….

    8: Do you find Podcasts easier to do than say stand up or other forms of comedy? I’ve never done stand up.  I’ve always thought that it would be so much fun to do, but as a young adult, maybe even now, I get stage fright. I love making people laugh but I’m not a fan of them just staring at me and telling me I suck!…And fuck you Mr. 10th Grade Speech class teacher…picturing my classmates in their underwear doesn’t do a damn thing but make me look at the one cute girl in class and pop a semi! Now how is anyone going to give a speech on the JFK assassination when you’ve got visions of the cutie in her panties and half a boner forcing you to hide behind the podium! Wait…what are we talking about again? Ah yes, podcasting. Yes I do think it’s easier.  There’s no pressure to do good…at least not any outside pressure.  You sit in your room, or your “Studio” and record what ever it is you decide to talk about and put it up for the masses to listen too. Easy right?


    9: Where do you get your ideas for your Podcasts from? Well, it depends on what podcast show I’m doing but I find the best thing to do is jot down notes in your phone or where ever as much as possible.  Anything that you find interesting or humorous…whatever. Just keep track of all of that stuff. When you start putting a show together you’ve got so much to pull from. It’s always better to have way more than not enough! At least that’s what my ex-girlfriend said!


    10: Who do you do your Podcasts with?  “The Last Podcaster Standing” podcast started out with some buddies at work.  We weren’t close but we all got along and thought it be fun to do a show.  The fact that all 4 of us are completely different people helped make the show as big as it got, I think.  Of course it also didn’t help all the behind the scenes arguments either.  But we always had plenty to talk about.  I also have a brand new podcast “7 Days a Geek” that is more geared to my interests.  Comic Books, Movies, Pop Culture and what not. I do that show with a few of my childhood best friends as well as a listener/friend from The Last Podcaster Standing who lives in Australia.  He’s probably one of the biggest comic book geeks I’ve ever met. Great guy! One of the hosts from TLPS has been known to show up and play along as well. He’s always good fun!


    11: Are you close to your Co stars ? I think so.  I think that helps.  You’ve got to have good chemistry and share some of the same interests so you as a group can continue having great and/or funny conversations.


    12: Funniest thing to happen to you during a show? I can’t think of something that’s happened to just ME. But there are several funny moments that I”ve been involved with. We’ve had discussions on how nasty a yeast infection can actually get, to almost watching a co-host kill herself from attempting the “Cinnamon Challenge!”


    I work security for a few low income buildings and the residents in them tend to be on a ton of medications! I’ve had stories of crack heads completely naked having sex in the stairwells to having to kick figments of deseased imaginations off said residents bed and out of his room! I actually yelled at “Nothing” well, “Two Nothings” having sex on a residents bed with out his permission.  I said “Hey!  Get your cloths on and get the hell out of here!” and I pointed across the room to the exit door into the hallway.  The resident smiled and looked completely relieved! I got the hell out of there!


    13: Coolest or best thing to happen during a show? To me it’s hearing from the listener.  We’ve had listeners write in to say that us making them laugh helped them get through their terrible divorce.  Another listener let us know that they had a kidney transplant and we helped them get through that by always having a laugh with us.  One time a listener drunk dialed one of the hosts while he was lost in NY city! I’ve actually gotten pictures on Twitter of “Angry Ginger” written across a pair of breasts before! Can you believe that! The guy with a face for radio got that! Of course that was never mentioned to my wife because lets face it…I wanted to keep her off of death row! LOL


    14: Do you have any special guests on your shows? I recommend to anyone doing a podcast to have guests every once in awhile! I don’t think it matters for what topic either…as long as it’s something you are fascinated by or interested in.  Do it. It keeps the show fresh and adds something different to your show! It also brings in new listeners


    15: If so, who? I’ve interviewed listeners as well as The cast and crew of a pretty popular web-series “Video Game Reunion.” I’ve also interviewed a women who claims to have 10 personalities and she actually spoke about killing the host off so they could take the body over and be happy!

    16: Also if so, who was your favorite? I love them all!

    17: How did you get an audience once you started making shows? That’s the difficult part! I think that’s the part that nobody thinks about when creating a show…Where does the audience come from? The best way is to network! Start a Facebook FanPage, create a twitter account.  Be social.  Don’t just say “Hey stranger I don’t even know…listen to my show!” 9 times out of 10 they’ll ignore you… or if your lucky… they’ll tell you to “Fuck off!” Make sure you get your show on iTunes. I don’t know if this is the same for all podcasts but once you start building a loyal listenership…they love to help promote the show! They want to see it grow as much as you do! That is priceless!


    18: How did you decide where to put up your shows as in itunes and stitcher, and how does one do that? That’s pretty easy.  If your using a publisher like or, they do all the work for you.  You just fill out what genre and sub genre you want your show to be included in and that all goes into your RSS Feed.  Then you just have to go to both iTunes and Stitcher and “Submit Your Show” and you want to be on both of them.  Now Stitcher does things a little different.  They actually download your show and then they keep their own stats of how many times it’s listened to, and for how long…who’s favorited it and what not.  Some like this…some don’t. I don’t care as long as I can see who’s listening!


    19: How big is your audience and how many shows have you done? I’m not going to give out numbers but I will say that it’s much larger than I anticipated for 7 Days a Geek.  I launched the show over Memorial Day weekend. It’s not even 2 months old yet and I’ve already had thousands of downloads across 80+ countries!  I honestly planned on about 500 downloads for the first month…it has super exceeded any thoughts of how I thought the show would do! I’m very happy with the numbers so far!

    20: Lastly what is your advice to anyone wanting to do Podcasts or comedy? Do it! Get a microphone…get some friends together and have fun.  You’ve got to be doing it for you first….the audience will come if they see that you’re having a good time. Nobody wants to listen to 2 idiots broadcasting from their closet talking about “What do you want to talk about?” “I don’t know!” Make sure you each figure out in advance who’s roles are what! Stick to them.  Also allow the show to organically grow.  I’ve done enough shows to know that sometimes they take on a life of their own…have fun with it. See where it takes you!

    21: For people wanting to find all your shows, where can they go? Website? Blog?

The Last Podcaster Standing
Search The Last Podcaster Standing on Facebook, iTunes, and Stitcher Radio.
Also on Twitter @Lastpodstanding

7 Days a Geek or
Search 7 Days a Geek on Facebook, iTunes and Stitcher Radio.
Twitter @S7evendaysageek

Ask An American (on hiatus but coming back soon)
Also available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio

What the hell are you guys still doing here? Go download some Podcasts!

Thanks Jason for being here with us, and here is a heads up gang we have another exclusive interview with another very popular podcaster coming soon!

Doctor Out

Exclusive Interview with famous Podcasting genius and more..

Hey gang,
Ok so as I sit here I am looking at an exclusive interview with a famous podcasting genius. It’s a done deal, it’s in the bag. I will be posting it very soon. You do not want to miss this.

Also I want to say thank you to our thousands of readers.

You guys are amazing, and I appreciate each and every one of you.

I am trying to get more exclusive interviews coming soon, I know I have one set up now to do very soon with the creator of a clothing line /business.

Exciting I say, very exciting.

Doctor Out

Super awesome news about a new interview exclusively for Imangryatnews

Hey hey hey gang!
I just got some awesome news!

I just got the green light on an interview with the owner / creator of a kick ass clothing line.

I’m telling you guys now that you will not want to miss this.. This clothing line is hella awesome.

We are keeping it a secret right now as to who and what clothing line we are talking about until the interview is done, but I’m here to tell you this is gonna be HUGE!

I will keep you posted as this progresses but I must say I am so very excited and blessed to be apart of this.

Side note the other interview with the famous comedy Podcasting genius I’m told should be done this weekend.

How awesome is all this fantastic news and on a Friday the 13th to boot!

Doctor Out