Elizabethtown Movie Review

by Imangryatnews

Hey gang
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Today’s review is for the fantastic movie Elizabethtown.

Released: October 14, 2005
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rated: PG-13
Time: 2 hours 3 minutes
Directed by Cameron Crowe
Orlando Bloom as Drew
Kirsten Dunst as Claire
Also starring Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin.

First off this movie, which by Hollywood standards was considered a flop, is Brilliant.
Here is a quick synopsis:
Drew is shit canned by his job designing shoes because his design cost the company almost a billion dollars.

He decides to commit suicide but before he is able to his sister calls to inform him their father has died while visiting family in Kentucky.

Drew has to go to Elizabethtown, Kentucky to take care of the funeral arrangements.

With his suicide on hold he gets on a plane to Kentucky and meets flight attendant Claire, the unusual quirky girl next door who gets to know him during the flight.

Once they land he heads to Elizabethtown and she heads home. What follows is the difficult task of dealing with death and life while learning about yourself.

You will have to watch the movie for the rest of the story.. It is a journey well worth taking.

Let me know what you think after you watch it..

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